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“I wanted to let you know that I received my music boxes today and they are wonderful. I found the store provided great communication and was very helpful”. JM

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Incolay?

For centuries the great sculptured works of cameo art have been preserved in museums worldwide.
The artisans at INCOLAY utilize a process by which they are able to reproduce with precision and detail the finest works of antiquity as well as the work of today's exceptional artists. This handcrafted product is called INCOLAY stone.
INCOLAY stone is a complex combination of various colored natural minerals and coupling agents. The stratification which results, produces the same variegated formations and beauty found in natural stone. The white artwork is also handcrafted and fuses with the variegated conformations to develop INCOLAY stone.
Since each piece is handcrafted and has a unique stone color formation, no two pieces are identical.
The name INCOLAY is a coined word derived from "in-layers of color" or "in-color-lay" beauty.

Why Sankyo vs Reuge music movements?

 During the early '50s, and '60s Reuge was not the only company making music boxes. However, by the mid '70s, Reuge appears to have been the only company making larger music boxes in Switzerland, or for that matter, in the whole world.

During the late '80s Reuge's quality began to gradually decrease. At first, it was only a small amount at a time, but later the quality began to change more specifically. Reuge used to sell movements to anyone who wanted them, but now they only sell wholesale, and only complete music boxes, not movements alone. Their prices have greatly increased far beyond where they should be. Sankyo, on the other hand, only makes movements. They do not offer complete music boxes in the USA.

The Japanese are known for precision manufacturing and excellent quality control. Sankyo is no exception. They make excellent music box movements, featuring rich tone and a very polished appearance.

Many people who are interested in fine music boxes have a notion that only the Swiss music boxes are worthwhile. However, that is not the case with Sankyo. Their quality is unmistakeable and although they have only been making movements for about 20 years or so, they are growing and are a great source for any serious music box collector.

Though the differences are subtle, Sankyo originally designed the movement with performance and visual appeal in mind. Reuge, on the other hand, appears to have started with function. They have modified their design through the years to become more attractive and economical to build.