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Incolay Stone Music Boxes (not available till further notice)

Uniquely Different Incolay Stone Musical Jewelry Boxes

If you like something uniquely different for your music box memories, take a look at the detailed artistry of these music boxes.  The price is right for that special keepsake memory.  Click the picture below to examine more closely the beauty of these boxes.

What is Incolay Stone?

INCOLAY stone is a complex combination of various colored natural minerals and coupling agents. The stratification, which results, produces the same variegated formations and beauty found in natural stone. The white artwork is also handcrafted and fuses with the variegated conformations to develop INCOLAY stone.

The artisans at INCOLAY utilize a process by which they are able to reproduce with precision and detail the finest works of antiquity as well as the work of today's exceptional artists.  This handrafted product is called INCOLAY stone.

Since each piece is handcrafted and has a unique stone color formation, no two pieces are identical.

NOTE: Shipping is delayed for Incolay Music Boxes because some boxes will be created at the time of the order adding time to the shipping date.  It takes approximately 14 days to create the box, then shipping.

Incolay Stone Music Boxes

Incolay Stone Music Boxes

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